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I save cards. Holiday cards, birthday cards, wedding cards and especially cards with personal notes are all filed under Family and Friends for at least a year. With an email inbox full of clutter, cards are small treasures that can be held, displayed, contemplated and even cherished.

A loved one took the time to send me warm wishes and share their joys. Their thoughtfulness is worth saving, at least for a little while.

I don’t save every card. Actually, I don’t save the majority of them. I just save the ones that make me feel good.

Some feel good cards are saved for a very long time. Because, sometimes I need to remind myself that I am loved and appreciated. Sometimes I just need a smile or a sweet memory to pick me up. Those good feeling cards live in my memory box.

Recently, during one of my many letting go stages, I found my box of wedding cards. It has been over nine years since they had been tucked away. My wedding photos are still tucked away in a box too. Rarely viewed. Never placed in an album. Just there. The memories of a wonderful day.

I decided it was time to let them go. Not the wedding photos, just the wedding cards. But before I did I went through all of them. One by one. Saving only the ones that made me smile. The wedding cards I saved now live in my memory box.

Which got me thinking, I don’t send nearly enough cards. I buy cards with the intention of sending them. But many times they don’t make it to the mailbox. It’s just easier to send an email. But I am pretty sure a card, in most cases, would have been more appreciated. If only for a brief lingering moment longer.

So, note to self... send more cards.

It also got me thinking, I could have let all those cards go and put them to good use at the same time. Instead, they were recycled.

So, another note to self... get a new system in place to make it effortless to let go of old greeting cards and give them to a program that can use them.

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