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Big, bold lovely note cards from Danielle LaPorte creator of The FireStarter Sessions*

Big, bold lovely note cards from Danielle LaPorte creator of Incredible The FireStarter Sessions*

There are many reasons we hang onto cards and letters, but the biggest one is probably guilt. A loved one took the time and spent a few of their hard earned dollars to send thoughtfulness.

But there’s only one reason to keep a card or letter. One. It makes you feel good. Really good. A card is only a keeper if it makes you smile. And a card that makes you smile belongs in your memory box.

If you are afraid to let go of a card or letter because it reminds you of someone you love or loved, ask yourself
“How do I feel right now as I am reading this card (or letter)?”

Happy, joyful, excited, proud, loved, appreciated. They’re all feelings worth holding on to.

Remorse, sadness, loss, guilt, anger or nothing really. They’re all feelings to acknowledge, thank the lesson and let go of.

I know it can be hard to toss (yes, I mean recycle) holiday cards, birthday cards and wedding cards from loved ones. So if you are hoarding cards out of obligation, here are a couple guilt-free ways to let go.

St. Judes Recycled Card Program

I love this program. Well, I love St. Judes, my personal charity of choice. It’s operated by Kids, Corp., a program for the children at St. Jude’s Ranch to learn entrepreneurship skills. Kids are paid to make new cards from the front of your old cards, so it’s green and it’s giving.

A bit of information from their website.

  • They take all types of greeting cards, including christmas but prefer 5x7 or smaller.
  • Only card fronts can be used. (If there’s writing on the back of the front, the card cannot be used)
  • Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting cards cannot be used. Hum, wonder why? :)
  • The most cost effective way to mail them is using USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail.

And you can ship them off to...

St. Jude's Ranch for Children Recycled Card Program
100 St. Jude's Street
Boulder City, NV 89005 Local

Schools, Nursing Homes, Adult Day Care Centers or Recreation Centers with arts and crafts programs.

I love these programs too. A program that provides a creative outlet is worthy of my time and extra resources. Creativity brings people to life. This is a very simple and affordable way to support your local community and keep things fresh and inspired all around you.

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Remember, recycling is a perfectly wonderful solution too especially if...

  • The thought of collecting and sending your old cards off to find a new life overwhelms you. You’re already six months behind on your to do list and this would just make you feel even more behind.
  • The collection of ALL your old cards will delay your de-cluttering progress. Because, if you’re like me you like to be efficient, that means you can’t send ANY cards until ALL the cards have been collected. Forget it. There will always be more.
  • You always have the best intentions, but you never seem to find the time. And you feel guilty because you “should” be doing something. Change your shoulds to coulds. Now you have a choice. You’re not being judged. There are no right or wrongs.

Just a note, on a few occasions I have used letters and cards as fireplace kindling. Yep, it was a true letting go ritual and it felt great. So you always have options. Lots of them.

My wish for you...

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