Inspired by Letting Go to Let New Stuff Flow

Greeting Card Recycling Donation

It can be hard to toss (yes, I mean recycle) the thoughtful greeting cards given by loved ones.
If you’re hoarding cards out of obligation, here’s how to let them go.

  1. Learn How to Appreciate the Sentiment and Let Go of the Paper. After the holiday or celebration and before you just plop all the cards in a box bound for nowhere, take some time to reflect on how you really feel about the words and person who presented them. Ask yourself how do I feel as I am reading this card?
    If you’re on cloud nine, feeling totally loved and appreciated, keep it. But if you’re feeling anything less than utterly spectacular, let it go. It has a new purpose waiting for it.
  2. Decide Wether to Recycle or ReUse. Recycling is a wonderful solution. It’s easy and it’s green. But if you’re feeling a bit guilty about tossing cards into the recycling bin, read on for the guilt-free way to let go.
  3. Create a Card Collection Center. Nothing fancy, a shoebox will work just fine. The only purpose of this collection center is to hold old cards on their way to a new life.
  4. Find a home for your Card Collection Center. A spot conveniently out of the way, but easy to access through the year. You will need to visit this spot infrequently, after the holiday or birthday card displays are dismantled. A good location might be near your Donations Collection Center.
  5. Decide Who Will Receive Your Little Paper Treasures. Will it be a local program that does arts and crafts? Lots of places including schools, nursing homes, adult day care centers and recreation centers would love your paper cards for projects. Will it be St. Judes Ranch? An organization that takes your old card fronts and creates new cards for charity? Pick one.
  6. Decide When You Will Deliver Your Little Paper Treasures. Pick one month out of the year to package up all the cards and send them on there merry way. End of January or August are good times. Right after the holidays or right before the school year starts.

Tip. If you are mailing your cards, consider using USPS Flat rate priority mail. It's likely the most cost effective option.

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