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 {Make your home office a space that inspires you.}

Create an area the reflects your personality. Whether you have a room, a closet or a corner, you can create a home office space that suits your style. It is best to be distant from distractions but if that is not an option, just go with what you've got.

Before you start, analyze your current mood. Decorating or renovating when you are down can keep you down. You need to be excited about the result. So, make sure you have your perfect space clear in your mind. Clip some inspiration rooms and put them in front of you every day.

Clearing clutter and creating a fresh new space will improve your mood and motivation only if you make uplifting design choices.


Let the Sunshine In. Natural light is uplifting and will improve your productivity and spirit in a split second.

Grab a Little Green. A lush plant will put more positive energy into a room quicker than any other element you can add.

Keep the Distractions to a Minimum. Focus is priority one, so keep visual clutter contained and noise clutter on the down low.

Focus on Function. It is great when you can repurpose things to work in your office space, but don't be afraid to invest in a piece of highly functional furniture or hire a handy man to create the perfect built in.

Choose Color Carefully. Other than natural light, nothing will transform your mood quicker than color. Choosing a neutral paint for the walls with pops of color in fabrics and accessories will create a calmer workspace. The lovely thing about neutral is the endless options. All neutrals tend to have tones of colors you love, so when you are looking at paint swatches take a gander at grays and tans.

Contain Clutter. You might be surprised at how little you need to get your job done. A place for important tax and client records, a few binders and books for frequently referenced materials and the basic office necessities should keep the work flowing. To much crap will kill your productivity, period.

If at any time you find yourself searching for a place to put something, it might be time to make room by letting go of stuff you aren't using or rethinking a few things.

Consider Wireless Options. Printers, scanners and fax machines are ugly and take up valuable real estate. A wireless printer and fax machine can be stored with electronics outside of the office. Not having your printer at arms length also makes you think twice about paper use.

On a personal note.
I found, in all the chaos of home renovations, that I didn't need as much as I though I needed in my office space. The original dining room location limited me to one small file cabinet and a desk. It worked just fine. So, when it came time to finish my new home office I was left with a lot more space. I like space.

Other good stuff to inspire.

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“Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have.” ~Doris Mortman

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