Inspired by Danielle Laporte - 20 Personal Money Practices That Got Me to a Place of Grooving Prosperity.

The 1 PersonalPractice That Got Me To Get My Paper Organized for Good.

I’ll say it. I want grooving prosperity.

When I realized years back my thoughts and feelings about money limited my income,  I changed my mind. Truthfully, I started working on changing my mind. There have been a few ups and downs. Getting over a lifetime of limiting beliefs regarding money takes a bit of work. But I keep trying.

Because, I want grooving prosperity.

It gets more challenging when my guy starts dwelling on the meager funds in our emergency savings account or the nice big gas bill we just got. While he’s  focusing on lack, I am trying to focus on abundance.

Yes, I would agree that a little more green in our savings account would make me feel better too. That said, I (almost) never dwell negatively on a bill. For one reason. Every single one of them is a gift. A gift of warmth, knowledge, healing, comfort or convenience.

The utilities, the vet, the credit cards, the student loans, the mortgage, the gas, you name it... all of them. They're gifts. And, I say thank-you each time I receive them. I, like Danielle, am grateful to have the means to pay for them.

The reality is I don’t actually pay the bills in my house. That’s my guys job. My job is to sort through the mail, shred the crap and put the bills in the action center before they get misplaced. Yes, misplaced bills used to happen here all the time. It helped considerably to get the action center set up and to establish who’s responsible for what. I file. He pays. Simple.

But the one thing that made getting my papers organized for good even a possibility was expressing gratitude. It’s kind of hard to carelessly toss a bill, on a pile without a second thought, if you consider it a cherished gift. Try it.

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