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There are many possible ways to keep a log. It is important decide early on what format would work best for you and your situation. A bound notebook where pages cannot be easily removed will hold more weight in court. So if you even think you may need your records for court consider a plain old bound notebook and remember to:

  1. Enter notes in ink or other permanent medium.
  2. Entries should be consecutively dated.
  3. Entries should be legible, but don’t get hung up on neatness.
  4. Loose entries should be avoided.
  5. If you must include a loose entry, it should be permanently affixed to the notebook page.
  6. Make note of support records received. Receipts, correspondences and other support documents should be dated and filed in a safe location.
  7. Avoid erasing. Errors should be crossed out.
  8. Avoid white space. Do not skip any pages or leave large spaces between entries.

FYI: Avoid digital photographs a proof. Digital photography can be easily manipulated and will not hold up as well in court. Use traditional film and keep your negatives.

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