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Do you have a Babysitter Notebook? You want to do more than give your babysitter the basics. You want to empower them to make the best choices, no matter the situation. If you’re only giving them the where I am and the what's for dinner, here’s a few more things you could consider.

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  1. Yes, you need the basics like a Babysitter Checklist. Include the details of the current day including meals and how you can be reached.
  2. Make a list of Everyday Food and Drink. Note meal times, favorite foods and preferred snack items. But also include your kitchen rules. What appliances are off limits and how the kids can help with clean-up and prep.
  3. List your Everyday Routines. The basic flow of an average day will keep the kids and babysitter on a calm comfortable schedule.
  4. List your Everyday Home Rules. Provide guidelines about friends coming over, time in front of the television and chore getting done to help your babysitter make choices you agree with.
  5. List the current Health Details. The must know info in the event of a health emergency. Include current medications and concerns as well as serious food allergies and behavior needs. This gives your babysitter insights to keep your kids safe and healthy.
  6. List the Everyday Ins and Outs. How to handle what may come up, from temper tantrums to toilet training. This helps your babysitter handle conflicts and challenges with confidence and in a manner that is acceptable to you.
  7. Detail Health Emergency Instructions. Who to call in a health emergency. Where to find the first aid kit and other important medical items in the house. Yes, show and tell them as well. But in an emergency, written instruction will help them focus and not panic.
  8. Detail Home Emergency Instructions. Who to call in a home emergency. What to do and where to go in the event of a fire, power outage, severe weather or uninvited visitor.
  9. Give them reminders for Extra-curricular activities. The who’s, what’s and wheres of after-school activities.
  10. And finally, don't forget Your Pet(s). Tell them how to meet the basic needs of your furry friends.

Tip. Create a Babysitter Notebook. Put all your worksheets in a small presentation binder. Keep it current and in a convenient location for the sitter. Click the links above for babysitter notebook worksheet printable downloads. Or, if you want everything in one nice little convenient package and the ability to fill in the forms and save them, visit the shop.

In Addition

  1. Print driving directions to all schools, day care facilities and emergency locations.Don’t assume others have GPS or know how to get to the hospital or your childs schools.
    • Go to or
    • Click on get directions from your home to hospital, emergency clinics, vets, etc
    • Review the directions, if one mapper doesn’t provide the quickest route, try another.
    • Place the directions behind the appropriate worksheet
  2. Obtain medical release forms from your doctors office or local hospital.
    • Fill one out for each child.
    • Place a copy behind the Health Emergency Instructions.
  3. Assemble a first aid kit and keep it in an easy to access location.
  4. Flashlights and extra batteries are easy to access on all levels of the house.

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