Cloud Backup Yes or No

My digital backup provides so much peace-of-mind.

My trusted mac has gone a bit wonky on occassion. Yes, it's true. Last episode was some type of permissions issue. After a reinstall of the system and all my applications, things got pretty much back to normal. Lucky for me my computer files are backed up daily. On two different hard drives. I'm also glad it wasn't a computer hardware issue. My logic board and hard drive are healthy. But the the whole episode put a wrench in my week and a bit of fear in my heart.

So much of my life is on this computer.

My computer backup is a box. I have a hard time trusting the cloud. I mean really, the idea that everything in my life is floating around the websphere makes me queasy. Particularly digital files that contain personal information. I tried a cloud back-up a few years back. It didn’t work for me;

  • My computer slowed to a crawl during back-up
  • I had privacy concerns
  • Files were not instantly accessible or even easily accessible
  • Files could become unavailable due to company closures
  • Files could be compromised due to poor management
  • Web service outages could cause unavailable access
  • It just didn’t feel right. Life details, all in one location, out of my control.

A box was a better solutions for me;

  • I know where it is
  • I can take it with me
  • I can access it immediately
  • Its not being backed up to servers in unknown locations
  • It doesn't slow me down
  • It doesn't cost me monthly
  • I have two, so if one goes I’ve got the other

I am grateful for a few things that give me computer confidence every day.

  1. IoSafe Solo Fireproof and Waterproof External Hard Drive
  2. A Seagate hard drive. To Back-up my back-up.
  3. Macs Time Machine - Digital History Back-up
  4. SuperDuper - Mac System Recovery and Data Backup

The cost of the hard drive pays for itself daily. Peace-of-mind (if that is even possible with technology) is priceless. Here's a few additional resources regarding ioSafe. They are quickly becoming my favorite resource for digital paper peace.

This is one of many videos on YouTube torture testing an ioSafe external hard drive.

IoSafe is also developing a fireproof waterproof NAS/RAID - like an aircraft black box for data on your network - protect pictures, videos and business data. It's the best of both worlds—a private cloud. Find out more on this Fireproof Waterproof Private Cloud Storage

I’m a mac girl. Been one for twenty plus years. I appreciate technology and the convenience it provides. But, I do not take it for granted. I hope you don’t either. So, what’s your back-up? Cloud or box? What boxes do you love? What cloud products provide you with the most peace-of-mind and why? I would love to hear how you have taken back-up action. 

 Updated 2012 Sept

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