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If you know where you're struggling you can create filing solutions that will make your life easier. Do you know what is keeping you from getting your papers organized? Could it be any of these common paper organizing challenges?

  1. Retention - knowing what to keep and for how long.
  2. Flexibility - the freedom to add subjects as the responsibilities of your life change.
  3. Recall - file and find your papers fast without having to count on complicated indexes or computer programs to access your information.

If you're ready to create a home filing system that will work for you today and years down the road, consider the three biggest paper organizing challenges above. Then make conscious design decisions to address them.

Create a filing solution structured around how long you need to keep your papers. This will give you easy access for quick monthly filing and year-end tax-prep. At the same time it keeps all your support records and essential documents safely filed. Ready for an emergency.

Action Center or Tickler File = Simplifies daily decision making and paper management
Everyday File = Keeps current year’s papers easily accessible for quick tax prep and reference
Important File = Keeps support records from being lost in piles of reference materials and everyday info
Reference File(s) = Keeps reference materials collected and not cluttering counter-tops
Vital File = Keeps vital documents safe, secure and in one location for quick access

Design a solution around 5 simple filing categories. This feature gives you the freedom to add new subjects seamlessly and arrange files to your liking. Giving you an expandable system to file and find your papers effortlessly for a lifetime.

Everyday = Time every day for family and friends
Wealth = Money for all things hoped for
Wellness = Health in mind, body and spirit
Home = Comfort and security at home and in our communities
Interests (or Fun) = Activity and adventure that enhance living

Use color and graphics consistently and consciously. This is highly effective filing solution for creative types. And, we are all creative. This feature provides a standard for visually tagging and labeling any subject. An approach that makes your paper filing almost intuitive.

Everyday = Aqua {a sense of tranquility, serenity and patience}
Wealth = Green {abundance, prosperity hope and compassion}
Wellness = Orange {enhances a sense of balance and self-esteem}
Purple = Home  {calming to the mind and nerves and encourages creativity}
Yellow = Interest or Fun  {promotes positive change and laughter}

Red = Important {a sense of protection from fears and anxiety}

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