How to Get Your Papers Organized - Home Filing System

If you're tired of the piles, setting up an effective home filing system can be easy. Start by keeping these three simple things in mind...

01. Familiarize

Paper clutter is different from most other clutter, because those scraps represent your responsibilities. Many documents and records are important and must be safely filed for years. Eliminate some of the fear associated with tossing papers by knowing what records and documents are vital. Get to know your keepers.

Take some time right now to discover how to eliminate the biggest paper related challenge. Take action, perform regular maintenance and keep your papers organized by deciding what papers are most important to you.

02. Categorize

If a filing system is not properly coded or requires an index, locating or recovering records becomes maddening. Filing your papers and personal information under consistent, simple categories will help you find what you need. Consistency is a major factor in home filing system success. Consistently applied words, colors and graphics makes filing your piles simple. Learn how to use color and graphics to make your home filing system consistent and unforgettable.

03. Stylize

A home filing system can be set up using a variety of filing techniques. Will they be organized chronologically, alphabetically, numerically, by subject or by action? There are unique benefits to each of these filing techniques.

04. Accessorize

Setting up a functional home filing system requires some basic filing tools. While the obvious are file folder, hanging files, labels and file boxes or cabinets there are some creative solutions you can utilize. A basic drawer of the correct width and height can be modified to for your filing needs.

05. Containerize

A paper management system will fail if drawers are too clogged or not conveniently located to make your records easily available. Keep like papers together.  
Store them for when you will use (or need) them. A big metal filing cabinet is not the only filing solution. Learn how to containerize your papers for an organized life.

PS. Motivation is another key factor in getting and staying organized. Getting your documents organized will give you more than just a clutter-free counter-top. More time and peace-of-mind topped my list. I discovered 9 reasons to put "Organize Papers" on my "To Do" list. Maybe you can add a few more. Read The Long-term Benefits of Getting Your Papers Organized.

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"Organizing is what you do before you do something so that when you do it, it's not all mixed up." ~A.A. Milne

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