Collection Center Overview

Let me start by saying, a Collection Center is not a replacement for your Action Center. Your Action Center or Tickler File is essential to establish good paper flow. A Collection Center is an extension of the Action Center. Because many papers never action, they just need a little time for adoring or decision making.

What is a Collection Center*?
A “temporary” limited storage solution for items.

What types of items?

  • kids school papers + art work
  • incoming mail**
  • ongoing project details

**Only if you cannot process your mail into your Action Center immediately.

What does it look like?

  • hanging clipboards
  • crystal bowl
  • metal bucket

Pretty much any container that fits your style and the location. No need to use a boring inbox when a beautiful crystal bowl would work

Where is it located?

  • where kids empty backpacks
  • where unopened mail sits
  • where project management happens

Yes. Create as many as you need.

What are the guidelines for use?

  1. Set a purge time frame : How long can an item stay in this location?
    Until the next masterpiece comes along? OR 1 day? OR For the duration of the project?
  2. Define allowed items: What papers or items are acceptable for this Collection Center?
    Is it only artwork + completed homework? OR Only unopened mail? OR Only this projects specific items?
  3. Define next action: Where does this item live for a life time?
    Will it be recycled? Placed in a Smile Box? OR Moved to the Action Center? OR Filed in Everday?
  4. Define responsible parties: Who is responsible for adding and purging the contents?
    Kids add. Mom purges. OR Whoever gets the mail. Or The project manager.

A Collection Center in my house.

Collection Center

  1. Set a purge time frame : One Week.
  2. Define allowed items: The crap :) that my guy pulls out of his pockets and puts everywhere but here.
  3. Define next action: Reviewed and mostly tossed.
  4. Define responsible parties: I put it in. I clear it out once a week, when I have his attention to review the contents.
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