Organizing Kids School Papers

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Organizing kids school work starts by creating flow. Flow is a simple series of actions that keep paper moving in and out of your life for a lifetime. Flow is sustained in a busy home by helping kids understand their responsibilities and teaching them good organizational skills. Flow will help you find peace with  ever-growing collection of kids papers.

How to Create After School Flow
Design a simple paper management system both you and your kids can follow.

  • Outline basic after school responsibilities. Give your children easy instructions follow.
    Use the After School Flow pdf above. It is designed to help you set some guidelines.
  • Create collection centers (or space). Making sure they are in convenient locations for each of the responsibilities outlined in your After School Flow.
    Give them a hook or nook to put their book bags.
    Create a smile wall where they can display works of art and completed homework.
    Give them a container to collect their papers.
    Give yourself a container for kid related actions.

How to Use the After School Flow chart

  1. Click on the pdf above to download.
  2. Use Adobe Reader® to fill in the instruction area. Print it. or
    Print it and jot down your instructions.
    It helps if you keep your instructions short and sweet.
  3. Put it in an 8x10 frame and hang it where the kids will see it when they walk in the door.
  4. Create collection centers in convenient locations.
  5. Review the flow process with the kids and ask them if they have any questions.
  6. Tell them why this new process is important. Explain how it will help them and you.
  7. Continue to review and remind until everyone is in the groove.
  8. Share your success below or in your blog. Share your creative solutions with busy moms.

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