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katie tallos life cleanse

The Author Insights

The 7-Week Life Cleanse is a simple guide to infusing your life with momentum. Taking the little steps that can move you towards the life you want. The weekly worksheets and questions spark your awareness about current space, use of time, your body and your mind.

What I took away

Tuning into what I really think and feel about my personal stuff is always eye-opening. I learned to appreciate more through my actions, thoughts and things. The weekly exercises provide options to do big or small actions. The actions help me become more aware of my feelings. For me, awareness is where change begins. When I'm more aware of how my choices make me feel, it's easier to make choices that move my life onto a joyful path.

Who might appreciate it

You’re ready to explore your everyday life a little deeper. Change the way you look at your daily activities, choices and surrounding.  If you're ready to discover what's working or looking to let go of what doesn't make you smile, The 7-Week Life Cleanse* is a beautiful place to start moving your life in a new direction.

Your investment

Time = at least 15 focused minutes a day
Money = $20

You can download the first chapter of Katies Life Cleanse* for free on her blog Momentum Gathering. Katies words have wonderful inspriation (momentum) power, go give her a read!


fyi. I am not paid to include items in the content of my articles, reviews or slideshows. I do not accept request for reviews or freebies to do reviews because I don't feel I could do an authentic summary of my real experience.  That being said, if you have something you would like to bring my attention, please do. I do have a few affiliate relationships which include Amazon and the Container Store*. I share brands and items with you only if they inspire me, make my life easier or I think you will find them useful and relevant.


Geralin Thomas (MetroZing and Hoarders) is pretty awesome and who doesn't love Nate. Here together they're great.

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Summed up.

Go for good enough. Don't worry about perfection. I couldn't agree more.
Prune. Pick one item a day. Collect and put away.
Time yourself. Use the Time Timer* to avoid procrastination.

Geralin is very active on facebook. Go like her! If you're thinking about hiring a professional organizer, here's her list of questions to ask.


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