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Inspired by #reverb10

When do you feel most alive.

Ali Edward asked us to pick one moment during which we felt most alive last year for reverb number 3. Ali embraces life and beautifully documents the moments. Truthfully, I read her blog and I am a bit jealous of her amazing talents, in a good way.

I discovered the Project Life Kit on her blog and this might just be the year I start recording my life moments. Creatively, for just my guy and me. I think it is an awesome way to express gratitude for our life and the blessings we do have. Because, even though we have not been blessed with children of our own, we have been blessed with nieces, nephews, family, friends and so many of the good things in life.

Now, about that one moment. I have to say I can easily recall a few. It was a very good year.

But that one. The one that makes me smile, feel most loved and most alive. That one, included my three year old niece. It was unexpected. Could have gone completely unnoticed. But I just happened to glance in the right direction. I just happened to be in the moment.  It is an image etched in my mind, forever. A photograph I do not have. What I have is a memory, of a beautiful little blonde, blowing a kiss from across the room, through the spindles of a kitchen chair, with the ocean sounds lingering in the background. Priceless and forever.

How many moments have you let pass by because you were too busy to be in the moment?

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