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I am spending the month of January reflecting on the questions at #reverb10. I am ready to manifest what’s next. I missed participating in real-time on this 31-day blogging challenge but I am challenging myself to respond to each prompt. 2010 has been a learning year for me. I think looking back on it will really help me fly this year. I thank Patti Digh for the inspiration to do this. Over the holidays I started reading Creative is a Verb, her wonderful book about life and living authentically through creativity.

I am not really much of a risk taker. At least that's how I see myself. I think some of my friend might disagree. But generally, I like things comfortable.

But right after my birthday in January, I realized that life was getting boring. I was settling for okay. I wasn't liking how it made me feel. So, I decided to stir things up a bit. I decided that 2010 was going to be my year to learn and explore new possibilities.

I took a risk. And that snowballed. I started exploring how I really felt about the work I was doing in this world and how I really felt about money.* I decided it was time take my business to the next level because I want to do meaningful profitable work.* I realized there's a boatload of enlightened entrepreneurs who could guide the way. Who knew?

Most importantly, I learned investing in myself today is just as important as stocking away money for someday.

Imagining myself one year from today, I see a more confident business woman, running a focused and highly profitable business infused with a new creative spirit, inspiring people to create a calm and carefree life. (yes, I know that's a huge run on sentence and I don't care. )

The word for this year will be SOAR.

What word could you use that will inspire you to grow this year?

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