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For this reverb, Leo Babauta asked what stops you from writing. Leo is just one of those truly natural writers. His blog, Zen Habits, has inspired me for years. His community, AListBloggers*, with Mary Jaksch of GoodLife Zen is nothing short of a blessing. While I have learned an enormous amount from AListBloggers* this year, I still hesitate to call myself a blogger, let alone a writer. But, I write. Words come from my heart, sometime from my head and occasional just to share something I think other might find useful. It has never been something I have excelled at. It certainly doesn't come easy.

This blog, if that's what it should be called, has been a challenge.

I have been torn. Torn by my insecurities. How do I fit into the organizing world? How do I become a horn tooting entrepreneur? Am I ready to give up doing design for others?

  • I often stop myself from writing because others have touched on the topic or are considered the experts.
  • I often stop myself from writing because others have shared their business successes and struggles in words I could never weave together.
  • I often stop myself from writing because others are much better designers and do a great job sharing their appreciation.
  • I often stop myself from writing because there are so many others out there inspiring with words and images that resonate beautifully with me. 
  • I often stop myself from writing because of the harsh words people share about my writing skills.

I struggle to find my voice.

Here's the thing. Focusing on the handful of disappointments only keeps me from my great work. I may never be the best organizer, designer, writer, motivator or blogger. But, I realized this year I need to get out of my way. Just put more things out there with love and good intentions. Review the crits, learn the lesson (yes, mostly grammar. :)  and keep doing.

Because, I can be the best combination of all of the things I love to do and be. And, love and good intention is where happiness and joy live. The reality is, my work has inspired thousands to get their papers organized. That's real. Allowing myself to not be the "best" at anything, gives me the opportunity to be the best well rounded happy me I can be.

What stops you from doing anything you want to do? What can you do to just get out of your own way and be great?

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