People putting it into perspective

Inspired people surround us. They’re everywhere. Modern tech puts these life changers in our face. A blessing that cannot be ignored. Especially when their words resonate.  Motivate. Inspire. Particularly when their words put fears into perspective, insecurities into context, or life into the now.

To each of you ladies, I send a heart full of appreciation. You do that for me.

Thank-you Danielle LaPorte for being utterly true to you.  For knowing, to your core, that you can do, be and create soulfully. Authentically. For modeling that knowledge and sharing it with crazy passion and creative wordplay. For inspiring sparks and starting fires. For helping me unwrap my JOYS and embrace what is genuine to me.

Thank-you Marie Forleo for being straight-up unconventional. For shining in sauciness, spirituality, and sometimes silliness. For helping me rethink my thinking. For turning up the heat to help me uncover the courage and confidence frozen in my insecurities.

Thank you Katie Tallo for being a quiet voice. For reflecting in everyday life and the simple joys of it all. For putting into words, poetic and real, how I feel about so many things in my life. For making it so easy to reflect on the challenges and bask in the joys of where I am right now.

Who's putting things into perspective for you? How are they doing it?

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