Stepping out

I just got back from an amazing experience. An experience I could have easily passed by because I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone.

Yes it was hard to spend lots of money on me. There are so many other things I could use the money for, say like, one of the many projects that needs completed around my house.

Yes it was really hard to put myself in a group of strangers without a friend nearby for support. Would people like me? Would people judge me?

  Yes it was really really hard to know I was going to be doing things I have never done before. Would I look silly? Would I say something stupid?

Yes it was super duper really hard to get on a plane a fly across country to a place I had never been. My fear of flying has robbed me of wonderful experiences, more times than I can remember. I did it anyway.

My life is on a totally new path. I am so grateful.

I spent the money because I needed to shift my reality. By making an investment in myself I knew I could change my perspective, in a very good way. I could learn things about myself. Or should I say, I could allow myself to accept me, the way I am. Not the way I think others want to see me.

I made so many new friends. Amazingly talented people. Willing to share their gifts, their insights and their time, with me. I cannot wait to see where they go on their personal journeys. I wish them all more success than they ever dreamed of.

I did countless things I have never done before. Those things gave me new insights and a new inner strength. I realized I have so much to work on. I realized that I really really need to work on my self confidence. Because we all have a gift to share and mine requires me to be in front of people. To teach. To be vulnerable. To be open.

I have tried to run my business behind this digital wall. Thinking I don't need to put myself out there. If I just create helpful well designed tools, people will come. They don't need me. They just need my stuff. After all, even though I may lack confidence in my personal presentation, I know without doubt that I am really really good at what I do. I know that JOYS is so uniquely different that it can organize your life, for your whole life.

I know this because it wasn't that long ago that my life was in complete chaos and now it's not.

Now I know, I need to do more. So, even though the thought of getting on an airplane makes me want to run and hide and puke. I will do it again.

And even though I am still very uncomfortable putting my true self anywhere online, I am going to do it more. Starting today, with this post. See that's me up there.

The me here has a knot in her stomach. But that ok, it will be gone soon. So, share with me your thoughts. Have you done anything lately that was totally and utterly out of you comfort zone? When was the last time you invested in yourself? How did it change your life?

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