Springpad for Organizing Projects

Just to be clear. Evernote is a very useful tool and Pinterest is still one of my go-to favorites, but SpringPad is changing the way I organize some personal and professional projects. After doing a whole lot of playing in SpringPad lately, I realized it has it quirks. Quirks aside. I really love the SpringPad app. It's well rounded.  Evernote and Pinterest were just not enough for some of my needs. Particularly in the area of collaboration, organizing my ideas, and visual design. 


With Evernote you have the ability to share a notebook with other collaborators, for a fee. However the collaboration aspect is a bit clumsy and it wasn't for the lack of trying to make it work. Evernote is not socially-focused like SpringPad. Which in my opinion is perfectly fine. It eliminates one major distraction to getting things done, but social can be helpful. Pinterest provides collaborative and socially-focused boards but the collaboration is limited to pinning and commenting on pins.

SpringPad allows you to add collaborators to your notebook. Collaborators can add springs, edit notebooks and create ongoing discussion in an organized fashion. In addtion, anyone can comment on a spring. Personally, I like this social approach.

Visual Design and Project Management

SpringPad provides visual bookmarking like Pinterest, but gives you so much more. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Pinterest. It's clean. It's simple. It's one of the best solutions to collect inspiration, but SpringPad provides more tools for collaboration and customizing your collections. These tools include reminders and integration with google calendar, checklist, contacts, and many more. Pinterest does not provide these types of tools and Evernote is just not visual enough for my liking.

It is pretty easy to integrate your SpringPad efforts with many of your other accounts by using a great app like IFTTT.  That can also be said about Pinterest and Evernote. But that my friends is a topic for another day.

Idea Organizing

The corkboard-style planner layout (as illustrated above) is a joy for project manangement. Springs can be viewed in a number of formats. I don't have many public project management notebooks yet. I am a newbie on the SpringPad app. But I am loving what I have discovered thus far.

  1. Labels to organize.
  2. Images to inspire and inform.
  3. Links to DIY and products needed.
  4. Checklist for getting it done.
  5. Email reminders to do things down the road.
  6. Contact info for helpful people.
  7. Easy and free collaboration.
  8. Organizing and reordering springs.
  9. Many ways to view a notebook.

Springpad Viewing springs

A Few Things to Know.

SpringPad does have it's cons. For instance, I don't love the notebook cover designs. They're a bit chaotic for me. In addtion, backup of your notebooks is basic. SpringPad does provide a very simple back-up solution, but at this time no restore option is available. You would have to review your back-up springs in an uncategorized html browser page.Kinda ugly.

That's it. Go and do something that brings you joy!


Digital High speed scanners for home filing

If you have that itchin desire to digitize your life even more and eliminate some of your paper clutter, a document scanner could be just what you need. Truthfully, I don’t think a document scanner is for everyone. Business owners should consider one, but if you’re just looking to eliminate some paper clutter, how about a shredder?

But I know, you dream of going paperless. You keep hearing glorious tales on how someone cured their paper problems in one fell scan. I get it. I got caught up in it and curious too.

How Document Scanners Can Eliminate Paper Clutter

High speed document scanners are pretty impressive. Because they hold a number of sheets, with a push of a button you can have up to fifty documents digitized, both sides, rather quickly.  A good scanner has software that will read the document (OCR), create a PDF and store it in a database. But that’s the easy part.

Document Scanners, The Ultimate Tool for Organizing Personal Records. Or is it?

Remember, a scanner requires your efforts to work. You have to scan the papers, create the digital organizational system, be diligent in using consistent file names and faithfully back-up your data. Faithfully. If that sounds like you, here’s what I can share.

What You Should Look for in your Document Scanner

Extended Compatibility

This feature is only important to those who plan on using the information they store as a source of information for another applications. Even though I have these particular features, I am not using them. For the simple reason, my personal finance software is much easier to use to enter this data.  Much. Not to mention, personal financial software is essential for anyone who is serious about managing their money and making tax time easier.

  • Software Compatibility with your money management software
  • Software Compatibility with your tax software


  • Scan to PDF     
  • 600 DPI Optical Resolution     
  • Two-Sided Document Scanning    
  • Multiple Paper Feeds (Business Card, Letter Size, Legal Size)
  • 50 Pages (seems to be the average)


  • Keyword Searchable  (this is generally not all it's cracked-up to be) 
  • Text Recognition (OCR)     

Document Management and File Naming

  • Easy File Naming
  • Customizable Fields
  • Customizable Categorization
  • Export to PDF and JPG


A number of document scanners on the market range from $100 to $500. This is a significant investment for many. Purchase wisely.

  •     Easy software and firmware upgrades.
  •     Smart user interface.
  •     Features you will use.
  •     Convenient for your use.
  •     Good support via customer support or user forum.

Capabilities to import and export a PDF is essential. Because as your needs change you may want to consider another scanner and this feature will allow you to transfer your current database information.

Where To Begin Researching Document Scanners

Start by making a list of all the features you need. Make sure to include your operating system. Once you have your list, start checking out a few reviews on some the most popular scanners. I’m sending you to Amazon with the links below. Not because of the affiliate referral, but because the reviews are priceless. Read em. Again, this is a big investment. Then go check out the support forums. See whats being chatted about. See if peoples concerns are being address. The support forums are a good gauge on the companies customer service.

PC & MAC - NeatDesk
PC - Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500
MAC - Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M
PC & MAC - Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50

IMHO. A document scanner has been helpful for me to create a backup of my support records and reduce some paper storage needs. I don’t use it as the only source for storing all my support records. Like with any digital software it helps to have a good naming structure outlined. Relying on search alone can get frustrating. I have the NeatDesk. I can’t say I love it. I am very disappointed in the search feature. It displays all the documents where the search term appears but it doesn’t actually display where the term is located in the document. I find it pretty useless. My file names are the only reason I can quickly find what I'm looking for. I need to export documents to my desktop and open in Acrobat to do a more accurate search. I do like the softwares ability to add custom fields. It make scanning heaps of old tax records less time consuming. But ya still gotta organize the papers before you start scanning too make the process more efficient. Quality of the scan is what it is.

So, do you use a document scanner? Which one? Was it worth the investment or did it lack features you desired? I would love to hear how you digitize your hard copies.


Letter Press Recipe Cards

You could keep all your recipes online. Or, you could jot them down in your own handwriting as let them pass through generations on these beautiful (and joyfully colored) letterpress recipe cards by 1 Canoe 2 on Etsy.

Chore Charts

It's true a busy home always runs smoother when everyone pitches in. Keep your family organized, get chores done then go out and have some fun. This chore chart is designed for the whole family and created by Abbies House on Etsy.


Clutch Organizer

Stay in touch, organize your thoughts, be ready when the inspiration hits. Keep all your simple tools wrapped and ready for action. Intouch clutch is created by Downstairs Designs on Esty.

Money Envelopes 

Money envelopes have helped many manage their budgets. This lo tech money management tool could work perfectly for you. Check out Kelleigher's Etsy shop for lots of cute money envelopes.

Calendar Wall Decals

Manage your days and stay organized with this chalkboard wall calendar. This calendar wall decal uses a black chalkboard vinyl that you can write on and erase and is available on Simple Shapes Etsy shop.

Cash Envelopes

For the financially freeing organizer. Saving Money in Style was inspired by the David Ramsy Money Makeover System. Lots of beautiful cash envelope organizers are available in the Etsy shop.

Recipe Box

For the foodie organizer. Erins Artwork has a colorful way to store all your favorite recipes, note cards, photos, coupons, or whatevers. Check out the sweet recipe boxes on Etsy.


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