Springpad for Organizing Projects

Just to be clear. Evernote is a very useful tool and Pinterest is still one of my go-to favorites, but SpringPad is changing the way I organize some personal and professional projects. After doing a whole lot of playing in SpringPad lately, I realized it has it quirks. Quirks aside. I really love the SpringPad app. It's well rounded.  Evernote and Pinterest were just not enough for some of my needs. Particularly in the area of collaboration, organizing my ideas, and visual design. 


With Evernote you have the ability to share a notebook with other collaborators, for a fee. However the collaboration aspect is a bit clumsy and it wasn't for the lack of trying to make it work. Evernote is not socially-focused like SpringPad. Which in my opinion is perfectly fine. It eliminates one major distraction to getting things done, but social can be helpful. Pinterest provides collaborative and socially-focused boards but the collaboration is limited to pinning and commenting on pins.

SpringPad allows you to add collaborators to your notebook. Collaborators can add springs, edit notebooks and create ongoing discussion in an organized fashion. In addtion, anyone can comment on a spring. Personally, I like this social approach.

Visual Design and Project Management

SpringPad provides visual bookmarking like Pinterest, but gives you so much more. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Pinterest. It's clean. It's simple. It's one of the best solutions to collect inspiration, but SpringPad provides more tools for collaboration and customizing your collections. These tools include reminders and integration with google calendar, checklist, contacts, and many more. Pinterest does not provide these types of tools and Evernote is just not visual enough for my liking.

It is pretty easy to integrate your SpringPad efforts with many of your other accounts by using a great app like IFTTT.  That can also be said about Pinterest and Evernote. But that my friends is a topic for another day.

Idea Organizing

The corkboard-style planner layout (as illustrated above) is a joy for project manangement. Springs can be viewed in a number of formats. I don't have many public project management notebooks yet. I am a newbie on the SpringPad app. But I am loving what I have discovered thus far.

  1. Labels to organize.
  2. Images to inspire and inform.
  3. Links to DIY and products needed.
  4. Checklist for getting it done.
  5. Email reminders to do things down the road.
  6. Contact info for helpful people.
  7. Easy and free collaboration.
  8. Organizing and reordering springs.
  9. Many ways to view a notebook.

Springpad Viewing springs

A Few Things to Know.

SpringPad does have it's cons. For instance, I don't love the notebook cover designs. They're a bit chaotic for me. In addtion, backup of your notebooks is basic. SpringPad does provide a very simple back-up solution, but at this time no restore option is available. You would have to review your back-up springs in an uncategorized html browser page.Kinda ugly.

That's it. Go and do something that brings you joy!

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