JOYS Home Filing System for Organizing Papers

papers organized for peace of mind

You're Ready For More Time and Peace of Mind.

  • You've downloaded and read Blueprint:JOYS and you're excited to get more done.
  • You've tried a number of filing systems and you're ready for a fresh twist, a solution that will keep you motivated.
  • You know keeping your papers organized is on-going but the freedom and peace-of-mind is worth a little effort.

If this is where you are, JOYS is for you.

home filing system categories

How JOYS Will Help.

JOYS looks good and works smart. It’s printed in the US on environmentally friendly paper. It’s created with your whole life in mind. And, it has features that make it a uniquely effective home filing systems.

An organizing solution designed around 5 simple categories. A feature that gives you the freedom to add new subjects seamlessly and arrange subjects to your liking. Giving you an expandable filing system that will last a lifetime.

Everyday = Time every day for family and friends
Wealth = Money for all things hoped for
Wellness = Health in mind, body and spirit
Home = Comfort and security at home and in our communities
Interests (or Fun) = Activity and adventure that enhance living

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So Be Warned...

JOYS is a unique method for organizing your papers. JOYS uses words, color and graphics in an unconventional way. The words are used to motivate. Color and graphics are used to create consistency. Consistency builds familiarity. With familiarity comes confidence and with confidence, well, anything is possible. Especially if you're inspired.

What filing solution would simplify your life?

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