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Filing JOYS Home Filing System

  • A home filing system the whole family can use. “End the mad dashes around the house. Be calm, cool and collected, with extra time to go out and enjoy life.Puts paper files in place permanently by...

    • Organizing you paper files.
    • Understanding how to file documents and records.
    • Simplifying daily decision making and paper management.
    • Keeping frequently used papers at your fingertips.
    • Making papers easy to file and retrieve. Giving you more time to go out and enjoy life.
    • Keeping current years papers easily accessible for quick tax prep and reference. Good records provide the necessary facts to shorten the time it takes to do almost anything.
    •  Keeping support records from getting lost in piles of reference materials and everyday info. Good records substantiate your tax deductions and reduces stress at tax time or if you should have a legal, financial or insurance matter.
    •  Keeping vital documents safe and secure for peace-of-mind. The stress of trying to collect all the details of your life or the life of a loved one during difficult times can greatly compound the challenges for a family. Keeping good records help make this overwhelming task more bearable.

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    You will learn how to structure your home filing system to create flow. (for life organized well™)

    • A Place for Everything - The five essential home files and their unique purpose
    • Understanding Papers - Documents vs. Records vs. References and how to identify them to help you identify your most important papers
    • Vital Document Check - A checklist of your most essential papers
    • Make a Decision - How to locate the perfect spot for your Action Center
    • Create an Action Center - How to create your Action Center
    • Take Control - One way to plow through your piles
    • Create an Everyday File - To keep everyday information accessible and ready for tax time
    • Create a Reference File - To keep reference materials current and easy to find
    • Create an Important File - To keep past years tax support records organized and out of the way
    • Create a Vital File - To keep your most essential documents safe and secure

    What comes in this paper organizing package.

    This is a hardgood printed in the US on environmentally friendly paper. Delivered to your door by the USPS.

    • 12 Page Printed Workbook
    • Over 100 Pre-Printed Subject Labels (1/5 cut hanging file labels)
    • Blank Labels (1/5 cut hanging file labels)
    • Action Center Labels (1/5 cut hanging file labels)

    The labels are Not Sticky.

    If you have question prior to ordering, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    What you might be thinking about JOYS filing system.

    I can create my own filing system for free, why spend the money?

    I suppose you could. But how many times have you tried and struggled to keep your filing system current because you didn’t have a maintenance plan, the subjects didn’t fit or drawers got clogged and important papers were hard to find? Learning how to file documents and records requires understanding how to create a solid home filing system foundation. The foundation creates the flow for everyday action and simple paper maintenance. JOYS provides that foundation.

    There are so many filing systems available, what makes yours better?

    JOYS is uniquely and effectively different because it provides a significant benefit others do not, the flexibility to be almost 100% customizable. The color and graphics provide the foundation for a cohesive system that can be organized by category, alphabetically or randomly and still provide consistency. It is important to know what will work for you.

    I am completely overwhelmed. I am not sure I can handle a project of this size.

    Your paper files can certainly be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what is important to you and what you are responsible for. You can’t just plop a bunch of folders in a box and think your clutter and chaos will magically disappear. You are overwhelmed for a good reason. Papers represent your responsibilities, the decisions you make that make up your life story. Embrace that. Be conscious of those decisions. It takes time to build a good personal filing system. Simple daily action, as well as, a basic long term maintenance plan will have a positive impact on all areas of your life.

    Papers filed. Peace of Mind. What are you waiting for?

    $29OUT of STOCK

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