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Life JOYS Household Notebook Organizes Your Life

  • “Beautifully designed D-ring household notebook organizes and categorizes for portability and peace-of-mind.” Collect names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers and other important information to get your life in order. The household notebook that puts everyday information at your fingertips

    • Easily manage contacts for important household information. Easily resolve an issue, order a pizza or check something off your to do list.
    • Gain clarity on important papers to keep and for how long. Make quick, confident decisions. Clear clutter. Collect vital documents.
    • Be inspired with lots and lots of life organizing tips. Being organized provides all the details necessary to help you plan and achieve life's goals.
    • Be prepared for quick actions, start getting things done. Organize every aspect of your life from birthdays to yearly health exams. Good records provide facts necessary to shorten the time it takes to do almost anything.
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    This household notebook is the springboard to an organize life. Subjects include...

    • In Important - Personal Records, Identity Theft, Health Emergency, Home Emergency, Being Prepared
    • In Everyday - Family and Friends, Work, Groceries & Meals, Eating Out, Shopping & Gifts, Neighborhood, Dreams & Goals
    • In Wealth - Financial & Legal Matters, Cash Accounts, Credit Accounts, Health Insurance & Health Accounts, Retirement Accounts, Home Ownership & Loans, Vehicle Ownership & Loans, Educational Accounts, Investment Accounts
    • In Wellness - Self Care, Pets, Paid Medical Expenses & Claims, Medical Advisers, Medical Summary, Charity & Volunteer, Faith
    • In Home - Home Maintenance, Home Utilities, Vehicle Maintenance, Home Improvement, Garden, Home Inventory, Home Decorating
    • In Interests - Gatherings, Memberships & Subscriptions, Boards & Committees, Luck, Sport & Culture, Craft & Hobby, Entertainment, Travel

    What comes in this package.

    This is a hardgood printed in the US on environmentally friendly paper. Delivered to your door by the USPS. The flipbook above displays just a sampling of the binders contents.

    • 3 D-Ring Notebook
    • Over 40 reinforced Subject Binder Tabs (1/5 cut)
    • 30 Subject Worksheets
    • Over 3 years of development, research and a huge desire to organize all of life.
    • Customizable using standard binder accessories.
    • Or, use tabs as file dividers to organize your papers.

    If you have question prior to ordering, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    What you might be thinking.

    I can create my own household notebook for free, why spend the money?

    Yes you could but consider your notebook. Add up the cost of a binder, 40+ binder tabs, labels, color printer toner, paper and your time to find all the goodness in JOYS. You might be surprised how much effort and money go into making your own. What is your time worth to you? But this is more than a household notebook. The subject guides give you in-depth details about what papers you need to keep and how long you need to keep them. Giving you confidence to make daily paper management decisions. And if you use Filing JOYS, it supports your home filing system and household management in a way no other household notebook can because papers and information are categorized consistently.

    There are so many household notebooks available, what makes yours better?

    Because it provides one significant benefit others do not, a solid foundation. JOYS is the first to use one system to create filing tools, such as file labels and a filing system, AND information-gathering tools, like binder tabs and checklists. The five categories + the overall important category are what makes JOYS unique and effective. Countless subjects can be added seamlessly. The system can be used for filing papers, collecting information for a household notebook or even organizing your email. It keeps your stuff consistently categorized in different and distinct locations. Which makes filing and finding papers and information effortless and less time consuming. One system to organize life for a lifetime.

    But seriously, $79 bucks?

    I can appreciate that. As for my products, the design and content of the household notebook is very different that others on the market. Each worksheet, checklist, binder tab and subject guide is  designed consciously to work with the entire JOYS system and the philosophy behind JOYS. A benefit that brings inspiring results. You will not find any other notebook that that gives you such a smart blend of design, prewritten instructions and detailed forms. Other reasons for the higher cost are the US manufacturing, the environmentally friendly paper, the full-color printing and the reinforced tabs. Most household notebooks can't claim any of those features.  

    You are not the first to have this concern. But it was important to me to stay in the US, be environmentally responsible and provide you with the benefits of full, smart color. Important because I know my business and consumer choices have an impact on so many things.

    Unfortunately, I am not a big box corporate store. Their production costs are low because of their multi-million unit production runs. It's just a matter of economics. I can assure you my heart is in the right place.  

    Life Organized. Peace of Mind. Sounds pretty nice right?

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    start with tickler:JOYS or filing:JOYS. life:JOYS is not for the faint of heart but if your ready, it's totally worth it.

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