Renee Deming : Studio Bold

When my oldest son was born we lost track of some savings bonds that were given to him as a gift. I immediately began to rethink my paperwork organization and I came across JOYS. I LOVE it! It appeals to my designer-self because it's pretty, simple, and ever-so functional. The cheery colors and lovely icons make opening up the file drawer a welcoming experience. As a MOMtrepreneur with two young kids and a busy husband, I love that the system allows me to file things in steps; the every day filing, the when-I-can-get-to-it filing and the year-end filing. There's a place for everything and it's very clear what needs to be kept and for how long, and what needs to be tossed. I've recommended JOYS to several family and friends because I truly feel it's a great system that I'll continue to use.

joys home filing system peep

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