heatherdeg on Mothering.com forum

I'm normally super-organized when it comes to filing the papers, but seriously--I never get them INTO the files.

I broke down and I have no clue why, but I bought a filing "system". Well, it must've been fate because it came with a booklet that set me up so I actually manage to keep my piles GONE. It's JOYS and it's cheap (the filing system--not the binders). You actually do have to go through the steps, but it will tame the paper (and for me, the catalog and magazine) beast of the home. Organized as I was, I was fascinated by how they sorted things... it just made crazy sense: vital stuff, reference stuff, everyday stuff and information stuff. (yeah--there's a difference between reference and information). They even tell you what kind of container to put the stuff in and where in your home you should have it (not "in your bedroom" but a description of the type of place and container, and you decide where that place is in your home)

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