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JOYS Downloadable PDF workbooks were designed for ease and clarity. Each download is a small collection of worksheets, checklists and instruction to help you organize one priority at a time. It's all about focus. I am certain the time you will save because of your small investment in the JOYS collection will be well worth it.

If you purchased more than one download, pick one and and finish it before moving on. Too many projects lead to procrastination. (One of my personal downfalls. :)

If you have challenges downloading the file, please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You will need Adobe Reader® to get the most out of the JOYS Workbooks.
If you have any difficulties installing  Adobe Reader® please contact Adobe®. I am sorry I cannot provide technical support.

Check here for my Adobe Reader® Tutorials. I will be adding more occasionally. You're gonna love the one on adding photos.

How you can use these files:

  • Print them out and write on them the old-fashioned way. I use a pencil. Just in case I make a mistake or want to make a quick change.


  • Use Adobe Reader to fill in the forms and place a few graphic, then print them out.
  • Save your final forms on your hard drive for future editing.

How you can use less paper:

  • Fill out the consistent information only and print out the forms.
  • Slip the form into a clear sleeve and use a dry erase marker to note the information that changes more frequently.
  • Use a sticky note on the worksheet for temporary information. 

Other tools you might find helpful to complete your project:

  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Pencil
  • Sticky Notes
  • Clear Plastic Sleeves
  • Small Binder Clips
  • Small Individual Presentation Notebooks (for Vital File Workbook, Home Inventory or Babysitter Notebook)
  • 1" or 2" View Binders ( for Childhood Notebook, Inspiration Notebooks, Food and Drink Binder, Household Notebook)

Wishing you lots of joy and clutter-free counter tops!

If you have any questions. Please ask!


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